About Us

ED Nebrija (Author), Ron Orlando (Author), Debra Quinn (Author)

Our bridge group consists of retired seniors who are all members of the Lakewood Ranch (Florida) YMCA and we play Chicago-style bridge every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. We range from beginners to long-time players and we offer a 4-lesson beginners’ course on bridge to interested seniors or new members of the YMCA once or twice a year, depending on the need. Over time, we have converted our course material to two books which we feature on this website.

Because of the range of our expertise in the game, we play friendly and talking bridge during which we discuss the meaning of bids and playing strategies. We do not have referees for the game and while we tally the scores of each session to arrive a monthly winner as well as an annual winner, our main goal lies in having fun and bonding with our friends. We recognize that bridge promotes cognitive health among seniors and we strive to achieve that among us. 

We established this website so that we reach others who wish to learn the game of Bridge and share the views of our group on techniques and strategies for playing the game, especially retired seniors. We encourage readers to share their views and opinions in our reader’s forum. We also welcome contributions of our readers to the different sections of this website – Bridge Topic, Hand, Deal, or Trivia – which we will feature in future updates of this website. If, in the process, we bring different bridge clubs or groups together, we shall have succeeded in our endeavor.

Our Books

Bridge Basics Book Cover

Illustrative Deals in Bridge