Experience the thrilling game of Bridge with Bridge Basics. This book is perfect for beginners wanting to take the first steps in learning how to play the classic card game. It introduces you to the foundations of bridge and provides a well-structured path to get you started on your journey. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll quickly learn all the basics from bidding and making strategic plays, as well as special tips on how to calculate scores and increase your chances of winning every round. Its easy-to-understand language and clear explanations make it an ideal tool to give you a strong foundation in the game from which you will go on to develop valuable skills that will vastly increase your enjoyment of bridge for years to come. Get ready for hours of fun with this comprehensive book about playing Bridge!

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Bridge Club Scoring and Ranking

Bridge Club Scoring and Ranking

Our bridge club in Florida plays for 2 hours each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. On any afternoon, we may have ...
Responding to 1NT Opening Bid

Responding to 1NT Opening Bid

Your partner has opened with a bid of 1NT, which means that he holds a balanced hand (5-3-3-2, 4-4-3-2, or ...


Sample Deal

Sample Deal

The players in the E, S, and W all PASS because none of them has an opening hand of 13+ ...


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The Bridge Battle of the Century

Between December 1931 and January 1932, the bridge game dubbed “The Bridge Battle of the Century” by the newspapers, played ...
Bridge Players

Greatest Bridge Players of All Time

In 2015, Brian Senior, himself an accomplished championship bridge player and editor as well as publisher of the annual official ...
Bridge Trivia

Contact Bridge

It was not until 1925, literally overnight during a cruise through the Panama Canal, that Harold Vanderbilt and his gamy ...

How Do You Bid These Hands?

hand 1

a) Do you have an opening hand?
b) How many playing tricks can you win?
c) What rebid can you make, if any?

You bid 2♦ (a weak-two opening bid)
a) You only have 8 HCP, so you do not have an opening hand
b) Playing tricks:

a. 5 tricks in ; 6 if opponents have 2 cards each;

b. none in other suits

c) This hand’s opening bid is also its last; thus, it cannot make a rebid.

case 2

a) How many HCP does the hand have?
b) How many playing tricks can you count?
c) If your partner responds with 2♣, what is your next bid?

You bid 1NT over RHO’s opening bid of 1♠ because you have two stoppers in that suit.

a) This hand has 19 HCP, more than for a 1NT bid and less than required for 2NT bid;

b) Playing tricks: 6 total

a. 2 in ♦️
b. 2 in ♠
c. 1 in
d. 1 in ♣

c) If partner responds with 2♣, it means he has 6 or more HCP (2Q/2J or 1A/1Q) → together you have game points and can stop all suits

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of meeting countless fellow enthusiasts from all walks of life. The bridge community is diverse, welcoming, and always eager to share knowledge and experiences. Some of my closest friendships have been forged over a deck of cards, and I cherish the camaraderie that comes with being part of such a passionate group of people.

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